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Everyday an average of Two Bus Loads of  Illegal Immigrants are granted Visas by Visa Idiots at the US Embassy.




You can try your luck for a US
visa here.

Place down $160 or more and try
your luck.

Many people do not get a spin,
and their money is taken.

     A lack of information concerning US visa requirements, results in hundreds of Filipinos every day being rejected and losing $160 or more. The misinformation begins with the US Embassy and the free visa program where there are few requirements to enter the lottery. Then the US Embassy on their website inform applicants that the requirements required include issues such as family ties, jobs, bank accounts and renting or owning a home. They fail to tell applicants that a large majority of first time applicants are rejected. They are told to complete the online application and pay $160 as a fee. Even many travel agents who are hired by applicants believe that luck and dealing with the right interviewer are important factors. In only a few weeks you can have an interview at the Embassy.

     The interview may only last 1 or 2 minutes, and the interviewer may read your application and hand the application back to you and tell you that you are rejected. An interviewer can process as many as 150 applicants in a day, according to a US Visa Website. While all countries have a right to establish entry requirements, they also have obligation to be honest concerning entry requirements. If they were a business and operated in the same fashion, they would end up in jail for fraud. The Embassy states specific requirements to obtain a green card, but just vague requirements for temporary visas.


The American Visa idiots

Visa bureaucrats destroying American jobs

          According to estimates of Homeland Security nearly half of the estimated 11-12 million illegal immigrants that enter the US with a temporary visa, overstayed that Visa for years. Also Homeland Security estimates that 30% of those with green cards came to the US as an illegal and changed their status through various methods such as those with student visa's that never went to school. Thousands of Chinese Tourists each year, make claims for political asylum and stay here in the US forever.

          This means that about 10 million illegal immigrants are here from temporary visas are taking jobs from Americans, and these estimates are much lower than other estimates that would more than double these numbers. These illegal immigrants are not bean farmers from Mexico, but middle class residents of developing countries such as school teachers, nurses and business people. Wages for the middle class American are declining and the real minimum wage has declined over 25% in recent decades. The only one's that benefit are the richest 1%, who benefit by lower wages and therefore earn higher profits. According to US Census Information for the year 2011, the top 1% of American increased their incomes by 5.5% while the bottom 80% of Americans had their incomes reduce by 1.7%. No doubt a big part of the problem are the Visa idiots flooding America with millions of illegal immigrants.


Unqualified bureaucrats ignore the Law

          The Visa Bureaucrats are simply unqualified to do the job. For example, they give Tourist Visas to Teachers from South America because they believed that they will return after their vacation, based upon their lack of knowledge in the economics of the countries involved, they are stupid enough to believe a this school teacher is the same as a Mexican bean farmer who can not speak English that well. Therefore these stupid bureaucrats grant a Tourist Visa because they believe that the teacher will return to his country because he will not want to stay in the US and wash dishes like the Mexican. This stupidity is why we have 10 million illegals working in the US and taking jobs from Americans and force down wage rates. In recent years millions of new American college graduates are unable to find jobs, and these Visa bureaucrats are a big part of the problem. You can not invite your neighbors to dinner, when your don't have enough food to feed your own children. 

          Visa bureaucrats use the term "Undocumented Immigrants" when in fact they are illegal immigrants. Using this thinking why not call Marijuana Farmers "Undocumented herb growers", also a bank robber could be referred to as a person  who made a bank withdraw without proper documents.

VISAtisfied Voyager


          Those applying for Visas should not use VISAtisfied Voyager and other services like them. They give people a dishonest impression that they are part of the US Government, while in fact they are nothing more than a business out to make a quick profit from suckers. They may lead you to believe that they have expert information on being granted a Visa, but this is simply false. These Visa Bureaucrats operate under their own rules and some of the bureaucrats issue a much higher percentage of Visas than others. Why do they know more than a travel agent, except VISAtisfied Voyager and others charge high fees? Would you pay a large fee to someone who claimed to be expert on soccer games, and convinced you that they know who will win. Don't be a sucker for high fees and misleading claims that somehow they have inside power. They are just a business out to make a quick profit.


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300,000 are Illegals
US Census Bureau Estimate

us embassy manila
Illegal immigrants from the Philippines do not cross the Mexican
border at night. They can scam a visa from the US Embassy Manila.